Test Case Versioning & Management

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1. Go to Application

    • Click on Application.
    • It will take you to the Dashboard.

2. Add Application

    • Click on Add Test Application to add a new App for testing.
    • Below the Popup box will appear on the screen.

    • Add your Application name.
    • Click on Save button.

3. Open TG-TestCase Writer

    • Click on TG-TestCase Writer.
    • Select your App from the list.

4. Add Version

    • Click on Add Version.
    • Below Popup box will appear on the screen.

    • Add Version Name and Version Description.
    • Platform: Select the platform from the dropdown menu.
      • Flatforms are Android, iOS, Web
    • Branch: branch should be master.
    • Click on Save button.

5. Add Module

    • Click on Add Module.
    • Below Popup box will appear on the screen.

    • Add your Module Name and Module Description.

Global variables

There are 4 global variables that are used to define the testing framework configurations.

Here are the default configuration values :

Variable Description Default Value
NeedsResetOnceBeforeTest Require to reset the application before starting all tests? False
NeedsResetBeforeEveryMethod Require to reset application 

before every test case?


Add all values and then click on Save. You can see your module added in the left panel.

6. Module Components

    • Click on your Module (i.e. SampleModule) from the left panel.
    • It will show you the above screen containing below Module Components :
      • Resources
      • Test Functions 
      • Test Cases
      • Network Assert
      • Custom Scripts
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