Test Case Versioning & Management

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1. Go to the Application

    • Open the testgrid web URL. 
    • Login with the correct credential.

    • Click on Add Test Application.
    • It will take you to the Dashboard.


2. Add Application

    • Click on Add Test Application to add a new App for testing.
    • The Popup box will appear on the screen
    • Add your Application name.
    • Click on Save button.

3. Click test Runs

    • Click on Test runs then open it have you created application.
    • Select your App from the list. and click TG-Testcase writer



4. Add Version


    • Click on Add Version.
    • Below Popup box will appear on the screen.
    • Add Version Name and Version Description.
    • Platform: Select the platform from the dropdown menu.
      • Platforms are Android, iOS, Web
      • Script Type: Select any which based Plateform on Appium, Selenium, XCUITest.
    • Click on Save button.


5. Add Module

    • Click on Add Module.
    • Below Popup box will appear on the screen.
    • Add your Module Name and Module Description.
    • Add all values and then click on Save. You can see your module added in the left panel.


6. Module Components



    • Click on your Module (i.e. iOS_Demo) from the left panel.
    • It will show you the above screen containing below Module Components :
      • Resources
      • Test Functions 
      • Test Cases
      • Network Assert
      • Custom Scripts
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