Auto Heal Feature

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Step 1: Write a basic login flow for the website https:/

Step 2: Refer to the Web Test Generate and TestCase Execution from Test Case Versioning & Management

Step 3: As per the below image, elements email0 and pass0 are generated from our codeless tool.



Step 4: After saving the Test Case, again go to the TestCases and click on the Resources.



Step 5: Clicking on email0 resource



Step 6: Changing the element resource from email0 to email12 intentionally to how Auto Heal will correct it.


Step 7: Similarly Change the element ID from pass0 to pass65.

Step 8: Again go to the TestCases and run the saved TestCase.




Step 9: The element email0 is executed by Auto Heal functionality and similarly for pass0.



Step 10: As you can see in the Last step Testcase passed with the Auto Heal feature.



As simple as that! Happy Testing 😇


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